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96-00 Honda Civic Audio Wire Diagram

Discussion in 'Interior, Audio, Electrical' started by yan_david, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. 96-00 Honda Civic Audio Wire Diagram:
    Radio 12v white/blue + radio harness
    Radio Ground black - radio harness
    Radio Ignition yellow/red + radio harness
    Radio Illumination red/black + radio harness
    Factory Amp Turn-on N/A
    Power Antenna N/A
    LF Speaker + blue/green + radio harness
    LF Speaker - gray/black - radio harness
    RF Speaker + red/green + radio harness
    RF Speaker - brown/black - radio harness
    LR Speaker + blue/yellow + radio harness
    LR Speaker - gray/white - radio harness
    RR Speaker + red/yellow + radio harness
    RR Speaker - brown/white - radio harness

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