99 civic with b18b1

Discussion in '96-00 Civic' started by typeRaw, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. looking into a civic with this motor..don't know much about it. is it a good choice?
  2. please could get some help

    need any info
  3. its an ls motor so its decent...

    more specs on the car you are looking at would be helpful
  4. idk much.

    just want info on hp potential. car just has aem short ram intake
  5. i meant like

    miles on chasis? motor?
    how much they want for the car?
    pics of the car?
    clean title?
    what rims are on the car?
    what other mods are done to the car?

    and any motor can have hp potential its all a matter of how much money you want to put into it
  6. idk its your call...

    first one just by description makes me think it was run hard...

    2nd one isnt too bad you can get a header for a few hundred....

    id find out why motor was swapped
  7. yea i was leaning more towards the 2nd one anyway because i wanted to do all the work on the car.

    im gonna check out the black si today so i'll ask him about the swap.
  8. also if you are looking into a buying a car may want to invest $25 in a months subscription to car fax to run the vin #S
  9. alright i just came back from checking the black si it's clean real nice im thinking about going with this one..the engine was swapped because he had a eg with this motor and a friend need a motor so he took the si motor out bcus it had more miles and put the b16a2 in

    sound legit?
  10. id get carfax and run a check on the shell and the motor ecu

    could be legit but you never know
  11. alright. thanks for all the help man..i'll post some pics once i get something
  12. b18b1 motor from ls integra from years 94-01 is the most reliable motor and superior motor every made in honda.. that what i believe in..because my ls in my car..snap timing belt twice, abuse two owner until me ( my cousin then my brother and then me ) lol..yea and i actually take care of the motor better then them.oh yea, best motor to boost -ls-vtec-t

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