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3rd Generation Integra History

Discussion in '94-01 Integra' started by g3teg97, May 2, 2006.

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    Acura debuted the third generation model in 1994, now based on the all-new Civic that had been introduced in 1992. Standard power increased to 142 hp, and the GS-R received a dual-stage intake manifold and a displacment boost to 1.8 L, bringing power up to 170 hp.

    A Type R model was added for the 1997 model year, powered by a highly tuned, hand-finished variant of the GS-R's engine, producing 195 hp, meaning it made more hp per Litre than the Ferrari F355's V8. Although impressive, the Type R was still hampered by some criticism; its maximum torque output of 130 ft·lb at 7000 rpm, meant that the engine would only perform well after 6000 rpm up to the 8400 rpm redline. Although the engine's "split personality" and unusually high capability to rev made it popular among hardcore enthusiasts, it cost the vehicle points in comparison tests where drivers noted that the vehicle was too hard-edged, loud and rev-hungry to be an easy daily driver.

    Despite some popular demand for a new Integra model for 1998, Acura chose to give the third generation model a slight facelift and re-release it. The 1998 Integra had slightly larger headlights and a more aggressive front bumper. It also has all-red taillights and a revised rear bumper. The GS-R edition received 6-spoke "blade" style wheels as a stylistic change. Once again, the Type-R saw a limited release in the US.
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