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95 civic ex

Discussion in '92-95 Civic' started by night ridaz, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. night ridaz

    night ridaz New Member

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    Jul 2, 2011
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    Hi everybody as you all know im very new to this scene, although im 28 yrs old, I recently bought a 95 civic ex 5speed, and its stock for now my plans is to make if faster than a 93 hatch swap b18b1 non vtec, for now i have only a chipped p28 so I have a couple questions to ask...

    1. Is it possible to run a stage 3 clutch kit on my stock d16z6 motor?
    2. Is a blox stage 3 camshaft going to fit directly, replacing my oem camshaft?
    3. What kind of upgrade is need for these two stuff (stage 3 clutch kit and stage 3 camshaft) to run correctly?
    4. Will my motor pass smog with a stage 3 camshaft or should i just go with a stage 1 camshaft?
    5. What really is the difference between stage 1 camshaft and a stage 3?

    Yeah i just have a new rival now he's got b18b1 in a 93 hatch, i know its fast.

    Dont really want to ask too much and dont really want to confuse anyone or myself cause i dont really know much would appreciate any help...:badidea:
  2. Nachtmensch

    Nachtmensch New Member

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    1. Yes, but it will be much more than you need. There will be added spring pressure.
    2. Yes, but you will need to do a valve adjustment. Very simple to do, but be sure to look up how to do it.
    3. Injectors, intake, exhaust, and a tune is minimal for running big cams. I would also recommend intake manifold and a larger throttle body. There is such thing as too big of cam for a motor. Keep that in mind.
    4. All depends on the tune, if you keep the catalytic converter, and timing.
    5. The difference is the lift and duration of the lobe. This will hold the valve open higher and longer accordingly.
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