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A little update

Discussion in '92-95 Civic' started by JussHatched, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. JussHatched

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    May 12, 2006
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    Heres an update:
    My inner tie rod has been going bad slowly and making a noise. I think this was caused by the gear bellow getting torn and dirt getting in there, similar to a CV joint. Anyways this started to get bad resently and I noticed my tires were wearing out quickly and they were only 2 months old. I have a skunk2 camber kit on the car and it has come loose a few times also which didnt help my tires. They started to get bald as hell on the inside even though the camber wasnt that bad and I couldnt figure it out so I just cambered them all the way out which didnt even help. I started looking at everything closely and noticed my alignment had gotten WAY WAY off because on top of the camber my wheels were both toed out like crazy. I finally decided the whole camber problem was coming from my cut springs I had in the front (WHICH is what was on the car when I purchased it!) so I ordered soem cheap coilovers to solve this temporarily. Anyways by now the tires are gone and I had to get new coilovers, tie rod, gear bellow, new ties and an alignment to fix this stupid issue. Heres some pics for you to laugh at:

    2 months old!

    Got bubbles?

    While I was at it taking pics of stuff I fucked up, I snapped a pic of my lip that got owned :(

    I also got bored today and sick of my lame cold air intake so I decided to make a custom intake. I know I would have hydo locked my motor eventually anyways if I hadnt done this.





    Since I am it I figured id snap a pic of somethign I did a few weeks ago too. Relocated the battery to the trunk, nothing special.



    Heres what the M3 trunk lip looks like painted white. Its not mouted yet, just sitting on the trunk.




    What do you think?
    ai77.photobucket.com_albums_j44_jusshatched_Tuck8.jpg aimg149.imageshack.us_img149_1564_dscf19735dm.jpg aimg61.imageshack.us_img61_8361_dscf19757sh.jpg aimg142.imageshack.us_img142_1928_ll2ek.jpg aimg97.imageshack.us_img97_3132_dscf19744qj.jpg aimg141.imageshack.us_img141_9370_dscf19806yk.jpg aimg114.imageshack.us_img114_4046_dscf19820lf.jpg aimg149.imageshack.us_img149_7951_dscf19835xc.jpg
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