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A small story

Discussion in 'Racing and Track Battles' started by panzer_ko, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. panzer_ko

    panzer_ko New Member

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    Oct 22, 2006
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    Well, it was a clear, crisp evening here in Minot, ND and I was cruising down Broadway (route 83 south), and I had to stop at a red light. I was bumping hardcore to some DJ Tiesto when a yellow Mercury Cougar pulled up next to me. Two dudes in it start to have that crooked ass smirk on thier faces and the driver revs up his engine, and an exhaust burble comes out, pretty nice sounding. Now, I have all the confidence in the world of the abilities of my 03SI, and the power hungry K20A3 I-4 powertrain. The light is about to change and the driver of the Cougar throws up the universal "peace, I'm out" sign. I say "oh hell no, and push the power button on the stereo, and turn off the A/C, I rev to 4,000 rpm and wait...and wait...for what seems like forever! The light turns green, and I am pedal to the floor, white smoke all over! Second gear and I am gone! He is one car length back, and slowly creeping...6,000 rpm and I shift and I fly, he is no longer a threat! I beat him in the first heat. He says, "let's try it from 25 mph." Keep in mind, 2nd gear is the Si's power gear, so I reply "Hell yeah!" I beat him a second time with ease. He wants a 3rd run, but someone threatens to call the cops, so we bounce, not wanting to find johnny law in my rearview. Two races in one night was good enough for me!

    03' Civic SI +1 Mercury Cougar V6 -1

  2. DelSlowSI

    DelSlowSI New Member

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    Oct 6, 2006
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    wow u have alot of stories....and you tell htem pretty good
  3. EastEndMotorSports

    EastEndMotorSports New Member

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    Aug 27, 2006
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    Yellow Mercury Cougar V6... :puke:
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