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Big Jdm Trouble. PlEASE HELP!!!!

Discussion in 'Toyota & Lexus' started by gtguy22, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. gtguy22

    gtguy22 New Member

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    Dec 2, 2009
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    Heres the issue. my 94 celica gt 2.2 engine died. I called Got-jdm.com and asked for the same engine. They sent it to me. THe wire harnesses didnt match up, nor did the exhaust manifold, and throttle body set up. These all had to be changed. The engines otherwise look almost identical. The only differences i have found are the oil pans have a somewhat different shape, and the dipstic is longer on the new jdm engine. So i called the company and i was told these differences were due to the fact that japan has different emissions and the harness would be shorter due to the steering wheel being on the other side in japan. I was told to use this new engine as a long block. So i did. Switched it all over, Hooked it all up, and sure enough, the spark became inconsistent. It only sparks some of the time. At one point it would turn off and on without a problem. lately it barely runs at all. So i changed the distributer, cap, rotor, wires, coil, plugs, checked my grounds, checked my wires. All are fine. Yesterday when i changed the coil, I had a spark plug out to check the spark as i tried starting the car. Got spark, car started. so i shut the car off, put the new plug in, and the car lost its spark. i now come to find out that japan didnt get the 5sfe engine, they only got the 3sfe. which is a similar engine. But i was told to switch over my wire harness. So now it looks like i have a 3sfe engine, with a 5sfe wire harness, intake manifold, throttle set up, exhaust manifold, and computer. All the other parts were the same (distributor, coild.....) but since the plugs were different on the harness. THe computers must have been different. SO.... my question is, with the 5sfe components on the 3 sfe engine, will my 5sfe ecu work? or could it cause an inconsistent spark? If not, what are my options? The guy at got-jdm.com told me if they accidently sent me the wrong engine, after telling me numerous times it was right, and to switch everything over, that i would need to put everything back to the way it was and ship it back for my money back. Im not happy aboout this, ive spent over a month on this car and i really just want to get it running, I dont have another car
  2. Nachtmensch

    Nachtmensch New Member

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    I really wish I could help, but I am not very familiar with the 5S/3S motors.

    Check out www.celicatech.net or www.mr2oc.com. I'm sure someone on there will have the answers you're looking for.

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