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CA Specs

Discussion in '240SX Silvia' started by Nachtmensch, May 1, 2006.

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    Displacement: 1809cc
    Bore/Stroke: 83x83.6
    Compression: 9.5:1
    Horsepower: 135 HP @6400RPM(DE)
    Torque: 115 ft/lbs @5200(DE)
    Gearboxes: FWD 5-speed and RWD 5-speed and 4-speed auto
    Source: RWD 1988-on Silvia, FWD fitted to late model Australian EXA's


    Displacement: 1809cc
    Bore/Stroke: 83x83.6
    Compression: 8.5:1(DET)
    Horsepower: 175 HP @6400RPM(DET)
    Torque: 166 ft/lbs @4000(DET)
    Gearboxes: FWD 5-speed, RWD 5-speed, and 4-speed auto
    Source: RWD intercooled examples come from 89-91 180SX and Silvia turbo. Non-intercooled RWD were 87-88 Gazelle engines. FWD examples come from 1988 Auster 1800Xtt (also not intercooled)

    Tune up stats:

    Timing marks -The six marks on the crank pulley read clockwise are -5, 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 degrees respectively.
    Timing - 15*BTDC (DE[T])
    Idle speed - This is set via a valve solenoid on the intake manifold. In the center of the plenum aiming to the front is a valve with a gold cylinder with a plug on it. Unplug it and adjust the idle speed with the 10mm bolt on the back of the valve then plug it back in.
    Idle speed - 800RPM(DE) 750RPM(DET)
    Spark Plug - NGK PFR6A-11 or equivalent Gap - 1.1 mm
    Fuel Injector - Top feed, 370cc
    Oil filter - Fram 3682, 3614 or equivalent (4qts with these)
    Stock Cam Specs- CA18DET
    Type - Lash
    Cam Duration(IN) - 240°
    Cam Duration(EX) - 248°
    Cam lift IN(mm) - 7.80
    Cam lift EX(mm) - 8.50
    Lobe center angle (IN) - 120°
    Lobe center angle (EX) - 120°

    Part Numbers:
    almost all the time you can look for 1988 Nissan Pulsar NX parts. 99% of the time its correct

    Oxygen Sensor CA18ET 200sx Bosch 13276 $47.99
    Spark Plugs CA18ET* 200sx NGK PFR6A-11 $Varies
    PCV Valve CA18DE Pulsar NX Bosch PCV142 $2.99
    Thermostat CA18DE Pulsar NX 491-180 $4.99
    Thermo Gasket CA18DE Pulsar NX Felpro 35228 $0.89
    Water Pump** CA18DE Pulsar NX B150-1350 $33.99
    Upper Rad. Hose KA24DE 240SX L-564 $7.99
    Lower Rad. Hose KA24DE 240SX M-563 $7.39
    Oil Filter CA18DE Pulsar NX Bosch 3400 $5.49
    Alt Belt 4pk855 $9.99
    PS Belt 4pk845 $8.99
    AC Belt 4pk840 $8.99

    * Exhaust side needed
    ** Includes Gasket

    Other Spark Plug Options:
    PFR6/BCPR6's for standard (gap of 1.1mm)
    PFR7/BCPR7's for lightly modded (gap of 0.8-10mm - see what works for you)
    BCR8's for high boost applications. (gap 0.6-0.8 dependant on boost level)

    Oil filter 15208-H8911 Ryco Z386 or Ryco Z145A
    Door bump rubbers 01658-J7000 (Skyline R31)
    Exhaust manifold gasket 14036-D4200 (EXA 1.8, S13 CA18) Four separate pieces
    Intake manifold gasket 14035-D5710 (CA18 all) Injector rail to cylinder head
    Intake manifold gasket 14035-D5711 (CA18 all) Injector rail to intake runner
    Intake manifold gasket 14035-53J10 (SR20 all)
    Turbo inlet flange gasket 14415-75F10 (200SX)
    or 14415-17M00 (S13 all) The Aust 200SX one fits.
    Turbo outlet flange gasket 14445-26E00 (S13 all)
    Engine front oil seal 13042-42L00 (CA18 all)
    Engine rear oil seal 12279-18V00 (CA18 all)
    Oil pan seal front 11121-01F10 (CA18 all)
    Oil pan seal rear 11121-01F15 (CA18 all)
    Head gasket 11044-51E00 (CA18 all)
    Head gasket 11044-50F00 (SR20) until 9/92
    Head gasket 11044-50F01 (SR20) from 9/92 till 7/93
    Head gasket 11044-50F10 (SR20) from7/93 onwards
    Engine gasket kit 10101-51E25 (CA18D) Engine rebuild gasket kits
    Engine gasket kit 10101-56E25 (CA18DET)
    Engine gasket kit 10101-50E25 (SR20DET)
    Engine gasket kit 10101-51E26 (SR20D)
    Flywheel Bolts 12315-55M00 $2.18
    Valve grind gasket kit 11042-51E25 (CA18 all)
    Valve grind gasket kit 11042-50F25 (SR20 all)
    Fan belt 11720-V7301 (CA18 all) L = 855mm
    Fan belt 11720-52F00 (SR20 all)
    Compressor belt 11920-V7301 (CA18 all) also suits power steering pump
    Compressor belt 11920-30R10 (SR20 all) also suits power steering pump
    Water pump 21010-V5528 (CA18) until 8/90
    Water pump 21010-V5529 (CA18) from 8/90
    Water pump 21010-52F00 (SR20 all)
    Thermostat 21200-V0201 (CA18 all) 82.0 C
    Thermostat 21200-V0206 (CA18 all) 88.0 C
    Thermostat 21200-53J00 (SR20 all)
    Radiator cap 21430-01F01
    Radiator hose - upper 21501-35F10 (CA18 all)
    Radiator hose - lower 21503-35F00 (CA18 all)
    Radiator hose - upper 21501-52F00 (SR20 all)
    Radiator hose - lower 21503-52F00 (SR20 all)
    Bonnet bump rubbers (large) 62840-D0100 (Skyline R31)
    Engine coolant 10120-89904 Castrol
    Dash switch back lights Nissan Aust, have similar types
    $11.00 each **** Smith P8130, with fiddling needed or 12v lamps WT2-12 from WES Components, good fit. 65c each
    Radius rods (Tension rods) 54468-35F20 (S13 all) includes bush Genuine Nissan imports (JSVA), Remanufactured with Urethane (Cars of Saigon ).
    Wheel nut 62840-21001 (R31 Skyline)
    Brake pads See service info page. Bendix and others.
    heater hose w/valve part 02-0036 or p/n ch1649 same as 1988/90 holden commodore 3.8ltr
    (needs to be cut slightly)

    Headlight globe Who cares Any brand. H4 60/55W 12V or H4 100/55W 12V the second one has 100Watt high beam.
    Rear Dampers
    ( shockers ) See Nissan Dealer or Nismo KONI. Part no. 80-401-081 sports kyb.
    Approx $315 a pair.
    Fuel filter 16400-F5100 (CA18 and SR20) RYCO Z202 or Z201
    Air Filter 16546-V0100 (same as R31 Skyline) K&N high flow reusable type P/N 33-2031-1
    Spark plugs 22401-58S16 (PFR6A11, CA18) Non resistor type NGK BCP6ES11 (11 = gap of 1.1mm)
    Spark plugs 22401-53J16 (PRF6B, SR20DET)
    Crank angle sensor 23731-85M10 (CA18 all)
    Crank angle sensor 23731-50F01 (SR20 all)
    Coolant temp sensor 25080-89903 (S13 all)
    Steering Rack Boot (LHS) 48203-10V25 (same as local 300ZX, mabey R32 also)
    Oil pressure sender unit 25210 89920 (generic nissan??)
    Oil pressure sender 25240-89920 (S13 all)
    Cam shaft timing belt 13028-51E25
    Cam belt idler bearing 30BD219DWAX
    Cam belt tenioner bearing. 35BD219DWAX
    Clutch Master Cylinder rebuild kit. PBR Aust. K8690 (contains pistons).
    K7689X (rubber components only).
    Clutch Slave Cylinder 3062069F03

    S13 Main Handbook (English) Nissan Publication SM9E-OS13G0 $230 tax ex.
    RS13 Service Manual, Main Issue (Japanese) Nissan A008009 $143 Tax Ex
    SR20DET S13 Engine supplement Nissan A008011 $187 Tax Ex
    SR20DET S13 Wiring supplement Nissan A108012

    crank sprocket - 13021-D4200 - $29.26
    woodruff key - 00926-51900 - $1.02
    crankshaft plate (behind sprocket) - 13022-42L00 - $1.78

    Turbo Manifold gaskets -> head:
    14036-D4201 (x2)
    14036-D4202 (x2)

    KA24 and CA18 use the same radiators (Unlike the SR) with both ports on the USDM passenger side

    thanks to ca18det.org, NICO and club240.com for the info :)
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