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DIY :: 92-95 lug stud replacement

Discussion in '92-95 Civic' started by 13BT, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. 13BT

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    Jun 15, 2006
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    So I finally found some free time in my empty schedule to change out my aged lug studs. It only took me a little over an hour to complete one side.

    1994 Honda Civic non-ABS
    OEM extended studs


    So the tools of choice for today's scheme were: 12mm socket, 17mm socket, 19mm socket, 3/8'' ratchet, ball peen hammer, #9 Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, dremel, zip ties, C-clamp, and maybe some WD-40.

    First, crack the lug nuts using the 19mm socket then jack the car up and securely place jackstands underneath. Make sure you use wheel chocks for the wheels remaining on the ground! So after your car is in the air you may proceed to fully remove the lug nuts and wheel.


    Now, you may want to spray some WD-40 or some other good penetrating oil onto the rotor screws as they may be rusted in place. If you doused them in the oil and they still wont budge, you can buy an impact driver to knock them loose.....or you can just do what I did, drill those bishes out!


    Great, now that we have those pesky screws out we can proceed to unbolting the caliper. Use the 12mm socket to unbolt the part of the caliper that holds the brake pads. Set the pads somewhere safe and protected from dust and debris.


    Now, we move on to the big 17mm bolts holding the caliper up to the bracket. Remove those.


    Good job! You succeeded in removing a brake caliper! But oh, no! its hanging by the brake hose! What are we to do? No problemo, just use about 5 or 6 zip ties and zip tie it up to the upper control arm.


    With the caliper out of the way you can now remove the brake rotor. Carefully toss it aside protected from dust and debris. This would be a good time to upgrade your rotors. In my case, spontaniety is common and had no time to get my desired rotors.


    So now, with the rotor off, you should have something like this.


    If you look closely behind the hub you will notice that there is no clearance for the stud to come out of. No problem! Just grab your trusty dremel and strap on the cut-off wheel and cut the small portion of the brake dust shield(the front) off.


    With that out of the way you can now remove the wheel and put on the grinding cone. Make sure you use some eye protection for this so you won't have brake dust, fluids, or metal shavings flying into your precious eyeball. After some serious grinding of the hub to gain some clearance, you can now beat out the old stud with a hammer.

    Out with the old and in with the new. Now that all the old studs are out, you can now slide in the new ones with a little persuasion. To get them to seat properly I used a few washers and put them on the stud and used an open ended lug nut along with a deep socket 19mm to tighten it further. Same process for the rest. You should have something like this.


    And viola! You're done! Well almost. Slap everything back together(reverse order) and take that whip for a test drive.


    Happy motoring! :)
    aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture011.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture001.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture002.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture003.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture004.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture006.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture007.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture005.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture009.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture010.jpg aimg.photobucket.com_albums_v382_GTRacerX7_Picture012_1.jpg
  2. fullofhesh

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    Jul 27, 2006
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    To anyone whos doing this with an ABS 'd civic/teg,its not as easy as this write up is(even tho this is a good one!) The knuckles are larger there for the studs do not go in or out as easy. Just a bit of knowledge for the next guy.
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