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Gt and Ss killers

Discussion in 'General Car Discussions' started by Cdering93, Mar 19, 2018.

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    Mar 19, 2018
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    hey everyone,

    I’m sure this is something that is talked about excessively but I’m new on the forum so please forgive me!

    I was wondering what builds you all could suggest to go up against (but hopefully crush) the new 2018 gt and ss 1le. The Chevy runs 4.1 to the fords 4.4 0-60 and both run mid 12 second quarter mile times. I understand both cars are around 50k but I’m looking to spend around 40-45k. I was looking at maybe importing the gt-r bnr 32 but with costs up to 35k that eats up most of the swap/mod budget. I’m looking for something that’s obviously street legal, most importantly reliable, and something I’m not going to have to spend half of a year looking for a specific model/year so something easy to to find with abundant aftermarket support. Thanks!

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