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help with (auto) 96-98spec JDM b16a2 swap

Discussion in '96-00 Civic' started by SiRcivic97, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. SiRcivic97

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    Oct 19, 2007
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    Hey Everyone I'm new on here and i was wondering if i could get some pointer's?

    I have a 97'civic Ex coupe (auto) and i would like to keep it an automaic aswell, and i am looking to upgrade from a D16Y8 to a 96-98 jdm spec OBD2 B16a2 (SiRII) from Hmotorsonline.com and they are sending me a complete change over. the 96-98spec mounts will work but im wondering about the "tcm" does anyone know if i will have any problems with this? and also if i use the stock y8 wireing harness will i need to re-wire anything around? it also comes with the stock b16 P30-ECU. and it will be DD. not really looking for speed just something better than what i have and a nice project car, and trying to stay away from FI.
    and does anyone happen to know the whp on this motor. thank's guy's sorry the post was so long. my bad:help:
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