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How to wash your car with ONR

Discussion in 'Exterior and Detailing' started by Deibidosan, Jan 12, 2010.

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    Jul 21, 2006
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    ONR or Optimum No Rinse Wash and Shine is what I normally use to wash my car. It works really good if your just washing off a couple days of dust or a couple weeks of grime. Shit works! And it's really easy to use. And best of all you only need 2 gal of water! You can also mix it different ways to get quick detailer, clay bar lube, and a couple other things. What's also nice is if it's cold outside you won't freeze your hands off fucking around with spraying water all over the place. Anyway, this is how I do it.

    1 small bucket. (Mine's not quite 2 gal, but this bucket full will wash my car perfectly)
    2 caps or 1oz of ONR
    1 Microfiber towel (use a new/clean one if possible)


    2 caps/1oz

    Does'nt make suds cause it's not soap. It's a type of polymer.


    All you do is dip your rag and wipe over one panel at a time. Using straight strokes. Use quite a bit as you're wanting the polymer to encapsulate the dirt, letting it slide off the paint without scratching .

    Then immediately you dry the panel with another clean microfiber towel. Bling!

    I usually start with either my hood or roof. Usually the roof and my windows them dry. Then my hood then dry. Then the rest of the front clip then dry. Then the trunk and wing then dry. Then the back bumper then dry. Then the doors and thats it. And the last little bit of water left in the bucket I use for my wheels and tires. Leaves my tires with the perfect semi-mat finish.
    ai104.photobucket.com_albums_m163_dbendel35_DB8_CA390023.jpg ai104.photobucket.com_albums_m163_dbendel35_DB8_CA390024.jpg ai104.photobucket.com_albums_m163_dbendel35_DB8_CA390025.jpg ai104.photobucket.com_albums_m163_dbendel35_DB8_CA390027.jpg ai104.photobucket.com_albums_m163_dbendel35_DB8_CA390028.jpg ai104.photobucket.com_albums_m163_dbendel35_DB8_CA390029.jpg
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