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Integra Type R History

Discussion in '94-01 Integra' started by g3teg97, May 2, 2006.

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    The Type R was the pinnacle of the Integra line. It had many exclusive features found on no other Integra.

    The Type R's B18C5 engine contained more key differences than just some manual assembly steps and an increased redline. The B16A's cylinder head returned, with differently shaped combustion chambers and intake ports compared to the regular B18C in the GS-R. Molybdenum-coated, high compression pistons and stronger-but-lighter connecting rods strengthened the reciprocating assembly. Two extra counterweights on the crankshaft altered its vibration modes to enhance durability at high RPM. The intake valves were reshaped with a thinner stem and crown that reduced weight and improved flow. The intake ports were given a minor port and polish. Stiffer valve springs resisted float on more aggressive camshafts. Intake air was now drawn from inside the fender well, for a colder, denser charge. That intake fed a short-runner intake manifold with a larger throttle body for better breathing. An improved stainless steel exhaust collector with more gentle merge angles, a change to a larger, consistent piping diameter, flared internal piping in the muffler allowed easier exit of gasses. A retuned engine computer also contributed to improve power output.

    The transmission was upgraded with lower and closer gear ratios in second through fifth gears, in order to take advantage of the additional rev range. The North American version retained the same 4.4 final drive throughout the Type R's production run, unlike the Japanese version, which in 1998 changed to a 4.785 final drive along with revised gearing. The clutch disk had a slightly smaller swept area, for improved bite. The GS-R's open differential was replaced with a torque-sensing limited slip type.

    The chassis received enhancements in the form of reinforcements to the rear wheel wells, roof rail, and other key areas. "Performance rods", chassis braces that were bolted in place, were added to the rear trunk wall and rear subframe. The front strut tower bar was replaced with a stronger aluminum piece. Camber rigidity was improved at the rear by increasing wheel bearing span by 10 mm. The Type R's body also received a new functional rear wing, body-colored rocker panels, and 5-bolt hubs with special lightweight Type-R wheels. Under those wheels was a much larger set of disc brakes, front and back. The tires were upgraded to Bridgestone RE010 "summer" tires.

    The Type R received very aggressive tuning in its suspension settings. All soft rubber bushings were replaced with much stiffer versions, as much as 5.3 times higher in durometer readings. The springs and dampers were much stiffer, with a 10 mm reduction in ride height. The rear anti-roll bar diameter was increased to 22 mm in diameter. The front anti-roll bar retained the same size, although the end links were changed to a more responsive sealed ball joint as opposed to a rubber bushing on the lesser models. The result was a chassis with very responsive, racetrack-ready handling that ably absorbed mid-corner bumps well. Mild oversteer was easy to induce with a lift of the throttle, and during steady-state cornering the car maintained a slight tail-out stance.

    The interior was stripped down to reduce weight. The air conditioning system was removed and nearly all the sound-dampening material was eliminated. This provided for a much noisier ride, but since the Type-R was a racecar for the street, most owners didn't mind.

    301,103 Integras were sold from 1994 to 2001.
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