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iTrader Rating System

Discussion in 'Sponsors and Vendors Specials and New Products.' started by Daniel, Nov 4, 2006.

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    Apr 26, 2006
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    The iTrader RAting System is for when members buy / sell / trade items from other members on JDMChat.com. It is somewhat based on the honor system and it is intended for buyers and sellers to obtain some sort of feedback rating in their profile. iTrader came about because it was a pain to try and maintain a single thread listing good / bad traders at other boards and so far has worked out quite well.

    Rate another member: Positive / Negative / Neutral
    Specify in each transaction: Buyer, Seller, or Trade
    Leave multiple comments about the deal
    Dates & IPs are all recorded to prevent abuse
    Specify a thread URL to the deal
    Advanced URL checking
    Display ratings over time
    Filter based on Buyer/Seller/Trade/or feedback they left for others
    Users can edit/delete ratings left for others (time based limitation)
    iTrader Admins can edit/delete anyone's ratings (just incase)
    PM notification when new rating or comment is left
    Per-usergroup permissions

    OK. Please use this system when you buy, trade or sale on JDMChat.com, this way if you plan on buying or selling quite often here you can grow a reputation as a good seller or buyer. If you notice your profile you can see your current iTrader Rating. Simply click on the number to see your feedbacks. If you trade with another member you can click on their number and proceed to leave feedback as well. It is extremely easy to use. A url must be left in the rating. Please do not abuse this system as it will be grounds for suspension or possibly a permanant ban. I highly doubt this will eveb be a problem and hope all trades are positive.

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