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J-Lottery #31 Kocky Products "No Dumb-estics" T-Shirt White Size X-Large!)

Discussion in 'General Car Discussions' started by Daniel, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Apr 26, 2006
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    Hi JDMChat Members,

    Tickets only cost 1 Point!!!

    This is J-Lottery #31. Purchase Lottery tickets to win a Kocky Products "No Dumb-estics" T-Shirt. Color is White and Size X-Large (see upcoming and other lotteries for different sizes). This is a funny parody T-shirt for the Import Only Fans, this T-Shirt makes fun of Domestics hence "No Dumb-estics). Courtesy of www.kockyproducts.com or you can purchase it at their site below.


    1. Tickets cost 1 point! Thats right only 1 Point. (Post once and you got a point.)
    2. No Maxium Tickets per User.
    3. Winner will be announced on September 6th 2006 at 1:35 PM PST.
    4. All Members are eligible.

    To purchase tickets go to the "POINTS" button on the menu bar and then Lottery.


    (Remember points can be accumulated for free by starting new threads, posting, starting polls, voting on polls etc. So the more active you are here the more points you can earn! So unregistered users, please register it's free! (This Lottery costs only 1 point = 1 post, so go ahead and join and post!)

    Many More Lotteries for T-Shirts from Kocky Products to come, Good Luck!:thumbup:

    A very special Thanks to USER: Bishop owner of Kocky Products for Sponsoring this Lottery. Please be sure to visit his online store and pick up a couple of T-Shirts!


    (Please reply to this thread if you bought tickets and how many.:)

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