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***Japan Expo 2006 ~Nov.18-19***

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    Japan Expo 2006 Press Release

    Please Click Pic Below For Furter Information
    LOS ANGELES, CA – Japan Expo, now in its 27th year, is the largest US/Japan event that strengthens the ties of friendship between the United States and Japan. Japan Expo will be held on November 18 and 19, 2006 at the Los Angles Convention Center in South Hall K. Admission is $12.00. Children under 12 are free. For more information, log on to www.JapanExpo.org.

    This year’s Expo is filled with culture, shopping, fun and food.
    “Geisha” is this year’s theme. Makoto, who is featured in the new documentary film, “Geisha Modern”, is an authentic Geisha from the famous Gion District of Kyoto, Japan and will perform classical Japanese dance.

    • GION STAGE: Japan Expo’s “entertainment corner” is dedicated to traditional and popular Japanese performing arts.

    • TAIKO: You’ll experience the dynamic chest pounding rhythm, movement and energy of Taiko drumming.

    • KYOGEN: Kyogen is court jester-like comedy that is usually performed between Noh. Unlike many traditional Japanese dramas, performers utilize facial expressions and spoken words.

    • SHAKUHACHI: A recorder-like bamboo flute, the shakuhachi is Japan's most well-known woodwind instrument touted for its soothing, meditative quality.

    • FASHION SHOW: Japan Expo 2006’s Geisha theme inspired this year’s fashion show which will introduce non-traditional kimonos along with Western style fashions made from Japanese print.

    • ASAKUSA MERCHANTS: Displaying one-of-a-kind products from the Asukusa shopping district of downtown Tokyo, these artisans are here to give everyone the rare opportunity to make this year’s gift giving affordable yet memorable.

    • COSPLAY FASHION SHOW CONTEST: Cosplay (costume play) is where kids, teens and adults dress as characters from their favorite manga, anime and video games. The Cosplay Fashion Show Contest is on Saturday, November 18 only. The deadline for entries is November 1st 2006.

    • VIDEO GAME CONTEST: Sponsored by HyperGame.com, attendees of all ages are welcome to join the competition and win prizes.

    • CHUBU INTERIOR PLANNERS: World-renowned interior planners of the Chubu region of Japan will introduce and display their Japanesque interior fixtures, furniture, décor, lighting, gardening, and more.

    • ARTISTS: Venerated for her brush paintings and folding screens, renowned artist Wako Kido brings us her art. Also, the West Coast première of anime artist Misa Tsutsui work will be exhibited.

    • HOT IMPORT AUTO SHOW: Mainstream Productions, producers of the “Showoff Car Show” and “Drift Showoff”, will be displaying several of the top quality cars and hottest models.

    • FOOD COURT: The most packed and popular part of Japan Expo is filled with tradition culinary delights from Japan including, sushi, noodles, rice bowls and desserts. Make sure to get there early as it always sells out.
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