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Members Rides Rules for Posting. Please Read.

Discussion in 'The Garage - Member's Show Off Area' started by Daniel, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Daniel

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    Apr 26, 2006
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    Since I had many requests for this forum, the Garage is open for pictures of members rides.

    Some good and easy guidelines for posting. Don't worry too much about the following, these are just guidelines that will make the photos easier to browse.

    1. When posting pics of your car please open a NEW thread and don't post off anothers thread (unless making a comparison or the Original Poster of the thread asks for feedback etc.)

    2. Please try and include these in the title of the thread:
    (your member name)
    (year, make and model of car)
    (anything other description you may want to add)

    ie. JDMChat 88 Honda Integra

    3. If possible keep all of your photos old and new updated in the same thread. The reason for this is, this way users can see a nice timeline of changes of your car.

    4.Post as many pictures as possible. Lots of pictures are always good.

    5.If possible keep pictures at 800 x 600 format. If you aren't good with photoshop don't worry about it as the forum will automatically resize anything too big.

    6.Please feel free to ALSO post your pics in the appropriate section as well. For instance, say you own a 90-93 Integra, please post in the 90-90 Integra forum as well, as there will be some users that are looking for pics of that particular year only.

    Anyother suggestions please post them as well. Other than that enjoy the new forum!
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