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MSD Distributor Cap, Coil and Bracket Combo. Just 1. Must Sell! For Honda / Acura

Discussion in 'Response Import Auto Fashion www.shopresponse.com' started by Daniel, Aug 7, 2007.

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    Apr 26, 2006
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    I have for sale new old stock MSD Distributor Cap with External Blaster Coil and bracket. A must in upgrade for better ignition, spark and combustion. 3 Pieces retail for about $100. Selling for $80 shipped ($70 +$10 shipping). That is 30% off. You won't find that price anywhere. We no longer carry MSD line and need to clear this out. Only 1 set available. Part #s 82921, 8202 & 8213.

    1992-93 Integra 1.7/1.8L
    1994-01 Integra GS/LS/RS 1.8L
    1990-91 Accord 2.2L
    1998-02 Accord DX 2.3L
    1993-97 Civic Del Sol 1.5/1.6L
    1992-00 Civic Si (Excluding 96-00 HX) 1.5/1.6L
    1997-01 CRV 2.0L

    PM me for payment details. I will ship immediately via Priority Mail.


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