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Nissei Week Car Show Los Angeles August 18th

Discussion in 'Events, Meets, Nightlife etc.' started by jdm_Enthusiast, Jul 26, 2007.

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    Nissei Week Car Show & Carnival
    August 18th Los Angeles

    What it do....
    Its that time of year again.... Nissei Week is in about a couple of weeks and last year you saw all the pics that me and shop response took. We will be out there again this year taking a huge array of pictures... everything from the cars to the trophies to the females ( most of you are mostly interested in that so we will do everything we can to take pictures of girls ) hahaha....

    This year there is a lil twist in the show, Myself a member of the jdmchat.com and a sponser for shopresponse.com will be out at the show showcasing my 95 eg si.... representing the shopresponse crew. The click is gonna be out there saying whats up to people and chillin at the venue...

    Hope all of you can make it out in support in the name of JDM, showoffcafe / nissei correspondance, and more importantly JDMCHAT.COM & SHOP RESPONSE!!!
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