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~Poetry an Spoken Word~

Discussion in 'Off Topic - Anything' started by CLUTCHONE, Nov 12, 2006.


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    Apr 27, 2006
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    Please Post All Poetry an Spoken Word Here... :)

    It Doest Have to be Yours~ Just Something that you Read that Moved You and You would Like to Share with Everyone... :paper:

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    Apr 27, 2006
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    2005 Artist Unknown

    Here is One that Moved Me... :)

    Join the mafia.
    The revolution will not be overnight and it will not be televised. Just as, at the moment, you can do nothing to help starving children in 3rd world countries, you can also do nothing to alter society. Even if you can stand, walk, work; all you can do is hope for a better future.
    The fight will never end.
    The war will never end. Balance yourselves and you will help balance the world.
    Focus on yourselves and how your actions affect the universe.
    Seclude yourself and find acceptance amongst a group of cells who reciprocate your intellectual caliber.
    You are special. You can naturally manipulate ideas and concepts, pull them together and rip them apart.
    If you are persecuted, you are not a menace to society, only perceived as one.
    In youth I encourage all to question authority, break rules, ignore laws, wreck havok, most anything so long as the order is to separate your mind from the general masses.
    After rebellion...
    You must reintegrate.
    You must join rejoin society and spread your influence, even if you realize that everything is equally hopeless, people will listen if you are an individual with fresh ideas and deep knowledge.
    Expand your horizons. Do not slave away in the departments of some Fortune 500 company.... unless you absolutely must and if you must NOT CONTRIBUTE.
    You are powerful as an individual, do not give up your power to organizations.
    Corporations influence on a global scale and are controlled by a select, conditioned, elite group of people functioning as a collective mind. A hive mind. This is not a bad thing, but don’t accept it if you feel it is wrong for you.
    Individuals do not exist under orders.
    Radical change is turbulent and begets violence. Society must be altered socially.
    We are all hackers of the written word.
    Experimenting with the syntax of the human data exchange protocol, forcing it to evolve.
    Society needs to be manipulated, inherent from the need to be informed. Words alone can induce emotional responses in the attentive and prompt a call to action.
    There is a logic in language that all understand.
    Soldier of Fortune, underlying Fortuna
    a life on the run
    a life of crime, speed and
    that loathsome feeling of emptiness from an unfulfilled life.
    Choose between selling out, moving on, or turning to crime.
    Don’t let your passion blind you, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated.
    Live for yourself and none other.
    Think for your self, respect but also reject foreign opinions.
    But do not let your superior intelligence separate yourself from society.
    You need them and they need you.
    Don’t allow yourself to be driven to arrogance and hate. Be arrogant within your own mind in order to instill confidence meanwhile reserving hate for the conditions which transform love into disposition.
    Also, Good luck finding a partner who shares your interests.
    This is hubris at its finest.

    Written Summer 2005

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