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***RB~ Motor List***

Discussion in 'Skyline' started by CLUTCHONE, Oct 12, 2006.


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    The RB engine is a 2.0L to 3.0L straight-6 piston engine from Nissan.

    It has an aluminum head with both SOHC/DOHC versions, with the SOHC versions having 2 valves per cylinder and the DOHC versions having 4 valves per cylinder, all cam lobes move only one valve. All RB engines have belt driven cams and a cast iron block. All turbo models have an intercooled turbo (except the single cam engines RB20ET & RB30ET), and most have a recirculating factory blow off valve (except when fitted to Laurels and Cefiros) to reduce boost surge when the throttle is closed.

    In common with all Nissan engines, D indicates DOHC, E indicates EFI, T indicates Turbo. The two digit number indicates the capacity:

    20 - 2.0 L (1998 cc, bore: 78.0 mm, stroke: 69.7 mm)
    24 - 2.4 L (2406 cc, bore: 86.0 mm, stroke: 69.7 mm)
    25 - 2.5 L (2498 cc, bore: 86.0 mm, stroke: 71.7 mm)
    26 - 2.6 L (2568 cc, bore: 86.0 mm, stroke: 73.7 mm)
    30 - 3.0 L (2982 cc, bore: 86.0 mm, stroke: 85.0 mm)

    From August 1993 RB engines produced also featured NVCS (Nissan Variable Cam System) for the intake cam.

    From 1998 the RB25DE/T series was released with a 'NEO' head, which enabled the engine to be classed as an 'LEV' (Low Emission Vehicle). The 'NEO' head improved the torque and power of all engines in which it featured, although the RB26DETT still only produced 280 PS (206 kW) according to Nissan factory specifications. In reality, it developed more than this due to all main Japanese car manufacturers having to adhere with a 'gentlemen's agreement', which specifies that a manufactured vehicle should not be advertised with an engine exceeding 206 kW.

    Some sources indicate the 'RB' name stands for 'Race Bred'[1], although this is disputed.

    The Nissan CA engine is a 4 cylinder design derived from the RB engine.

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    1 RB20
    2 RB24S
    3 RB25
    4 RB26DETT
    5 RB26DETT Z2
    6 RB30
    7 RB30DE
    8 RB30DET
    9 RB-X GT2
    10 Notes:
    11 See also



    RB20E engine in an R31 Nissan SkylineThere were four 2.0L RB20 engines produced:

    RB20E - single-cam (96 kW (130 ps) @ 5600 rpm, 171 Nm (17.5 kgm) @ 4400 rpm)
    RB20ET - single-cam turbocharged (107 kW (145 ps) @ 6000 rpm, 206 Nm (21.0 kgm) @ 3200 rpm)
    RB20DE - twin-cam (114 kW (155 ps) @ 6400 rpm, 186 Nm (19.0 kgm) @ 4400 rpm)
    RB20DET - twin-cam turbocharged (158 kW (215 ps) @ 6400 rpm, 265 Nm (27.0 kgm) @ 3200 rpm)
    The first RB20E/ET/DE/DET engines were fitted to the R31 Skyline. The early twin cam engines are generally referred to as 'Red Top' engines because they have red cam covers. The early twin cam engines featured the NICS (Nissan Induction Control System) injection system, while the single cam engines always used ECCS (Electronically Concentrated Control System). The non-turbo models were also fitted to various Holdens sold in New Zealand (RB20E). The Z31 200ZR was fitted with an intercooled RB20DET.

    RB20ET engine in an R31 Passage WagonLaurels, R32 Skyline and Cefiros used the second (1988-1993) series RB20E/DE/DET. This series of engine has an improved head design over the previous version, and used the new ECCS injection system. These later motors are known as 'Silver Top' engines.

    R34 Skylines and Nissan Stageas used the RB20DE and RB20E (Stagea only) engine with a 'NEO' head. The Neo RB20DE is the most economical RB engine so far produced, it is classed as a 'LEV' (Low Emission Vehicle) engine.


    This is a relatively unknown engine, as it was not produced for the Japanese domestic market. These were fitted to some left hand drive Nissan Cefiros exported from Japan new. Mechanically it is made from an RB30E head, RB25DE/DET block and RB20DE/DET crank with 34 mm height pistons. This engine used carburretors instead of the Nissan ECCS fuel injection system. This has the outcome of it being able to rev harder than the RB25DE/DET (as it has the same stroke as the RB20DE/DET) as well as being almost the same displacment as the RB25DE/DET. A common modification is to fit a twin cam head from other RB series motors while retaining the carburreted set-up. The standard single cam form produced 141 PS @ 5000 rpm and 20.1 kgm of torque @ 4400 rpm.



    1993 RB25DET with VCTThe 2.5L RB25 engine was produced in three forms:

    RB25DE - twin-cam (147 kW (200 ps) @ 6000 rpm, 255 Nm (26.0 kgm) @ 4000 rpm)
    RB25DET - twin-cam turbo (245 to 250 hp and 319 Nm)
    NEO RB25DET - twin-cam turbo (206 kW (280 ps) @ 6400 rpm, 362 Nm (37.0 kgm) @ 3200 rpm)
    RB25DE and DET engines produced from August 1993 also featured NVCS (Nissan Variable Cam System) for the intake cam. This gave the new RB25DE more power and torque at lower rpm than the previous model.

    In May 1998 a NEO head was fitted. This was also a low emission vehicle engine (LEV). The non-VCT and non-turbo was fitted to the R32 Skyline, the VCT turbo and non-turbo was fitted to R33 Skylines and Stageas. R34 Skylines also use these engines, but they are fitted with a NEO head.



    RB26 in an R33 SkylineThe first 2.6L RB26DETT featured twin turbochargers and produced 280 PS (206 kW) @ 6800 rpm and 260 ft·lbf (353 Nm) @ 4400 rpm. The last series of the RB26DETT produced 280 PS (206 kW) @ 6800 rpm and 289 ft·lbf (392 Nm) @ 4400 rpm. However, several stock and unmodified engines have been dyno tested and reported to obtain nearer the 320 hp mark. It is widely renowned for its strength and extreme power potential. It is not uncommon for 600 hp to be achieved on the standard bottom end. With extreme modification & strengthened internals, the block itself has been pushed much higher, over 1MW has been produced. [2]

    It was used in the following cars:

    Nissan Skyline GT-R R32
    Nissan Skyline GT-R R33
    Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
    Nissan Stagea 260RS
    Tommy Kaira ZZII
    amckinneymotorsports.com_images_gallery_101.jpg apress.nissan_global.com_COMMON_IMAGES_CURRENT_JP_OLDMODELS_SKYLINE_GTR_HIGH_skylinegtr_03.jpg

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    More RBs

    RB26DETT Z2


    This is the engine used in the Nissan Skyline Z-Tune. It is basically the RB26 block, modified with Nismo parts, and stroked to 2.8L. The end result was the RB26 Z2, which puts out 500 hp and 550 Nm of torque. They originally aimed for 630 hp, but the engine had to be de-tuned after problems were encountered with high emission values.

    Three models of 3.0L RB30 were produced:

    RB30S - carbureted single-cam

    RB30E - injected single-cam (114 kW @ 5200 rpm, 247 Nm (25.2 kgm) @ 3600 rpm)

    RB30ET - injected single-cam turbo
    The motor is a cast iron block with a SOHC alloy head. This motor was produced because the Holden 202 (3.3L) powering the Holden Commodore could no longer satisfy emissions requirements, and with all new cars required to run on unleaded petrol by 1986, a quick replacement was needed. Nissan Motor Co. teamed up with GM to build their biggest displacement RB, the 3-litre RB30E. The RB30ET was only found in the VL Commodore. The RB30S was found in some South African and Middle Eastern R31 Skylines, and in some Nissan Patrols. The RB30E was found in R31 Skylines and VL Commodores.

    Nissan Special Vehicles Division Australia produced two limited runs of 200 R31 Skylines, the GTS1 and GTS2. These contained slightly more powerful RB30E engines.

    GTS1 RB30E - injected single-cam (130 kW @ 5500 rpm, 255 Nm (26.0 kgm) @ 3500 rpm) - special cam profile, special exhaust[3]
    GTS2 RB30E - injected single-cam (140 kW @ 5600 rpm, 270 Nm (27.5 kgm) @ 4400 rpm) - special cam profile, special exhaust, piggy back computer, valve porting[4]



    These rare engines were used in the Tommy Kaira M30 based on the R31 Skyline GTS-R. It delivered 177 kW (240 ps) @ 7000 rpm and 294 Nm (30.0 kgm) @ 4800 rpm. Apparently the engine was made up of a RB30 bottom end mated to a modified RB20DE head. These engines also exist as a hybrid conversion using a RB30 bottom end and a RB25DE head.



    RB30DET - R31 RB30E block, R32 RB25DE head.Nissan did not produce this engine, but it refers to a turbocharged engine featuring an RB30E block with a twin-cam head conversion. Common hybrid in Australia using a RB30E bottom end mated to a RB25DE cylinder head and turbo. The RB25DE cylinder head from the R32 Skyline, A31 Cefiro or C33 Laurel can be used. The RB25DET (from the R33 Skyline or C34 Laurel or Stagea) head is also used, however an external oil feed must be fabricated for the variable cam timing on the RB25DET which further complicates things.

    Although it has a larger displacement than the RB26DETT, maximum possible horsepower is less, as the RB30 block lacks the RB26 block's internal cast-in bracing, and consequently cannot rev as high due to harmonic issues at ~7500 rpm. To compensate, the RB30DET produces more torque at lower revs. There is also an 'RB30DETT' kit manufactured by OS Giken of Japan, which bolts an extension on top of the RB26 engine block, and fits liners, to give a 86 mm bore x 86 mm stroke. It is available as an assembled short block, containing billet chrome-molybdenum crank, billet chrome-molybdenum H-beam connecting rods, forged pistons, and costs ¥1,500,000.[5]

    RB-X GT2


    The RB-X GT2 (also called REINIK) is an engine specially made for the Nismo 400R. The difference between this engine and a RB26DETT is the engine is bored to 2771 cc which gives out 450 PS (331 kW) at 6800 rpm and 47.8 kgm (469 Nm or 347 lb/ft) at 4400 rpm. This engine comes with a reinforced cylinder block and cylinder head, metal head gasket, pistons with cooling channels, forged crank shaft, forged connecting rods, N1 turbine with reinforced actuator, high flow air cleaner, stainless down pipe, and low air resistance sport catalizer, most of which were not offered for the RB26DETT.
    ameggala.com_RBengines_rb30detr32.jpg awww.gtrclub.org_images_400r_2.jpg
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    hell yeah, i read about that Nissan-Holden collaboration with the commodore in this month's Super-Street. it was in the article where there was the blue S14.5 w/ a skyline motor, and the guy used the transmission from the RB30 in order to get the motor to fit just right in hi 240. but then the car had all this unecessary sound equipment in it too.=Z anyway, i was stunned when i found out about that, i mean with Holden being GM's Australian Branch and all...something to tell all my buddies that are all about GM vehicles:)

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    Bump for Specter... :poke:
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