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Rules. Please read before you sell.

Discussion in 'User Classifieds Ads - Buy and Sell' started by Daniel, Apr 28, 2006.

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  1. Daniel

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    Apr 26, 2006
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    Members can use this forum to post Items for Sale (FS:) or Want to Buy (WTB). JDMChat nor Response Import Auto Fashion will not be liable for these private sales so buy with caution.

    New items are only allowed if you have 1. For example you bought something and you decided you no longer want it or need it and want to resale it etc.

    Be sure to ask a specific price for your items.

    Also if possible post pictures of what you are selling, it will usually sell much better and faster.

    Please don't link to an outside website, auction site or store.

    If you are selling something, start your own thread, DO NOT hijack or take over someone elses thread.

    Please be sure to edit your post when your item has been sold.

    Absolutely no Vendor Sales allowed in this section. :nono:
    If you are a Vendor just contact me for approval and you can post in the Vendor forum.

    Happy Trading.
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