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Signature General Guidelines

Discussion in 'JDMChat Announcements and Suggestions' started by Daniel, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Daniel

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    Apr 26, 2006
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    Hi JDMC members :wave:

    Just a few reminders of Signature Guidelines.

    Please use your signatures and feel free to post images. I won't set a size guideline but use common sense in the size. A good size would be 500 x 114 or 468 x 60. Don't post a huge image as it will be deleted.

    Example of 500 x 114:

    :nono: Also no commercial banners in your signature (exception to this rule is if of course it is a Response Import Auto Fashion Banner). If you would like to have a commercial banner in your post, please become a sponsor, vendor or affiliate. Please see the link below, cost is a mere $20, this is a great way to not only help promote your business but also to help support JDMChat.com.


    You may use text or links in your signatures but again keep them to a minimum (ie 3 links and not 20):slap:
    The links can be directed anywhere including commerical sites but please be sure the site is appropriate.

    If you need help with making a signatures, you can ask our Moderator JussHatched. He makes some great signatures and can be quite backed up at times so be patient.


    Other than that be creative and have fun with it. :)

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