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SpeedFed Nationals

Discussion in 'Events, Meets, Nightlife etc.' started by BensLancer, Jul 3, 2007.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] NOS Energy Drink SpeedFed Nationals 2007 presented by ZMax® SpeedFed Media is proud to bring you SpeedFed Nationals on August 18-19, 2007 at Rockingham Dragway. This motorsports weekend will encompass a national car show, drifting competition, sport compact drag racing competition, and autocross competition. Live entertainment all weekend including $500 Battle of the Bands, DJs, stunt riders, $250 MC battle, and $250 B-boy comp. $15,000+ in cash prizes. Quick facts: Name: SpeedFed Nationals Location: Rockingham Dragway Date: August 18-19, 2007 Times: Friday night setup for all vendors and most show cars from 2-8PM. Saturday morning setup for remaining show cars from 7AM-11AM. Saturday event opens for spectators from 10AM until Midnight. Sunday event opens for spectators from 10AM until 4PM. Pre-registration: To compete in any event, you MUST pre-register online by Aug.12th. Register at www.speedfednationals.com http://speedfednationals.com/directions.htm Save bucks and avoid the line, get your weekend passes online here. The SpeedFed Nationals Car Show Over 600 cars will compete for over $6,000 in cash prizes. Car will compete in just four classes: Mild 2 Door, Mild 4 Door, Wild 2 Door, and Wild 4 Door. Each class will be awarded 1st – 5th place. Top Tuner (Best of Show): $2,000 cash + crystal trophy One of the most prestigious awards offered in the sport compact world! Your name will be etched into the SpeedFed Top Tuner solid crystal trophy that will be on display at each of our events for years to come + you will have a smaller replica crystal trophy for your collection. Top Wild: $500 cash + trophy Top Mild: $300 cash + trophy Elite Car Club (highest average car club score for 6+ cars): $500 cash + trophy Top Club Participation (car club with most registered cars subject to verification): $500 cash + trophy
    Top Forum Participation (online forum with most pre-registered cars): $500 cash + trophy Top Japanese: $200 cash + trophy Top Euro: $200 cash + trophy Top Domestic: $200 cash + trophy Top 12 Volt (audio setup): $150 cash + trophy Top JDM Style: $150 cash + trophy Elite Japanese VIP Style: $150 cash + trophy Top Drifter: $150 cash + trophy Top Racecar: $150 cash + trophy Most Unique Build: $100 cash + trophy Top Engine -Appearance: $100 cash + trophy Top Engine Build-Naturally Aspirated: $100 cash + trophy Top Engine Build-Forced Induction: $100 cash + trophy Hottest Paintjob: $100 cash + trophy SpeedFed U.S. Drift All-Star Challenge On Saturday, August 18th, up to 50 drivers will demonstrate their skills and compete for a prize purse worth $3,500. For more details and pre-registration, check out http://speedfednationals.com/drifting.htm Prize Purse 1st Place: $1,500 2nd Place: $1,000 3rd Place: $750 4th Place: $250 SpeedFed Drag Nationals Drivers compete in six classes, each with a winner takes all tournament. Each class is open to the first 26 entrants, top 16 qualifiers go heads-up only until only one driver is left. Total prize purse worth $2,400. For more details and pre-registration, check out http://speedfednationals.com/drag.htm Prize Purse 1st Place in NA4, FI4, NA6, and FI6: $300 1st Place in UFWD and URAWD: $600 SpeedFed Autocross Championship Drivers compete in seven classes using NASA-TT classification. From stock to unlimited, drivers will race the clock on our curvy, challenging course with hopes of taking home a piece of $2,450. For more details and pre-registration, check out http://speedfednationals.com/autocross.htm Prize Purse 1st Place: $200 2nd Place: $100
    3rd Place: $50 Total prize pool: $2,450. SpeedFed Dyno War A mobile dyno will be at the event on Saturday. Cars will have a chance to get strapped down and compete for highest dyno numbers in their class. Payout Highest HP - Naturally Aspirated 4 Cylinder: $150 cash Highest HP - Forced Induction 4 Cylinder: $150 cash Highest HP - Naturally Aspirated 6 Cylinder: $150 cash Highest HP - Forced Induction 6 Cylinder: $150 cash Highest HP - Naturally Aspirated 8 Cylinder: $150 cash Highest HP - Forced Induction 8 Cylinder: $150 cash Track Map [​IMG] For sponsorship info: http://speedfednationals.com/sponsors.htm For media info: http://speedfednationals.com/media.htm

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