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Super Street bashes the Celica

Discussion in 'Toyota & Lexus' started by Maikeru, May 7, 2009.

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    Apr 21, 2009
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    Due to Super Street being dumb and ripping on Celica's in their last two issues :nono: , I've decided to do a little tread on the 4th thru 6th gen Celica's. First we'll start with chassis codes:

    They came in a few different trims in the US. I'm not going to cover the EDM or JDM models.

    Fourth gen: AT160 (ST), ST164 (GT, GT-S), and ST165 (All-Trac)
    Fifth gen: AT180 (ST), ST184 (GT, GT-S), and ST185 (All-Trac)
    Sixth gen: AT200 (ST), ST204 (GT)
    A and S are the family of engine, T is the Celica designation, the first two numbers tell what generation it is, and the last number is the trim.

    The Celica's share the A and S family engines. This means that depending on if you have a ST the 4AGE and 4AGZE is easy to swap in. If you have a GT, the 3SGE and 3SGTE is fairly easy to swap in. And that's just to cover the FWD models. Do I even need to explain the potential of the All-Trac?

    And with proper suspension tuning, the Celica can easily keep up to the beloved ITR around the track, so please...no more Celica hate.
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