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(Testing Waters) FS: 91 CRX Si w/VTEC and Cage

Discussion in 'User Classifieds Ads - Buy and Sell' started by Nachtmensch, Jun 20, 2006.

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    testing the waters on my 91 CRX Si. the car was once y-49 yellow, then stripped down. i bought it when it was primer, and painted it satin black.

    D16a6 bottom end
    D16y8 head
    Gude turbo cam
    Del Sol vtec oil pump
    EX intake manifold
    B18a1 throttle body
    D16z6 obd1 vtec ecu
    non-vtec valve cover

    D16a6 stock trans
    Exedy stage 1 pressure plate
    stock clutch
    lightened flywheel

    energy suspension bushings
    stock suspension (needs to be replaced)

    no seats
    Autopower rollcage (needs to have the rest welded, and parts rewelded)
    black interior (out of the car currently, holes cut in plastic pieces to fit around the cage)
    sound tar removed
    wired for obd1

    satin black
    shaved rear wiper, antenna, and pass. door handle (still have the handle if youd like to cut the hole)
    now has all bumpers (id suggest a new rear bumper)
    OEM sunroof

    The bad:
    car has no title. i was told you can apply for a lein and get the title. the person i bought it from bought it from a guy in the Washington/Oregon area and never got the title from him. i bought the shell and motor seperately. some wiring still has to be worked out. also needs new windshield. (found one in WI for $75 if you need it)

    The good:
    this is PERFECT for a track car use. cage, gutted, and no title required. the car has NO rust on the body, and none underneith!!! this was going to be my dedicated track car, but i dont have much money or time for it anymore. i need to pay back my bills.

    give me a reasonable price. perfer somewhat local, but i will ship if you need. willing to trade. let me know what you have. i also accept vintage motorcycle trades :thumbup:

    more pics this week.
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