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***Tokyo Drift~ CLUTCHone's Review***

Discussion in 'TV & Movies' started by CLUTCHONE, Jun 18, 2006.


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    Apr 27, 2006
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    ~I Seen It Twice with all the JDM Heads on FriDay and Again Tonight Saturday with my Girlfriend~ and I Must Admitt It was Better the Second Time Around Like in the Begining I Missed the Scean Where He Just Gets off the Plane they are In Shibuya~ They Show the Mc Donalds Then the KFC then they Show the 109 Building....


    It was One Land Mark after the Next Throughout the WHOLE MOVIE I Was Very Impressed How they showed the Area as a Backdrop to the Movie It was Insane to watch It on a Big Screan~ (I even Noticed the Big Screen TV inside the Building It really Looks Enourmous at NIght)~


    I was Capavated By the Action the First Time but the Second Time I was Emersed in the Whole Area Like the Soccer Court On Top the Building and the Freeway Scean Being Blown Away By a Skyline at Night~ (How the Hell did he Catch Her)~ Anywayz I Dont want to Ruin the Movie~ But I will Say This is the BEST FnF Yet I was Floored Got up Came Back and Floored Again~ It Did Have Its Weak Points ~ Like when a Certain Car Received A Certain Swap and the Way Bow Wow had his Hulk Van~ But I Had to look Past that to see that Location Played a Big Role in the Movie~


    So I Give It... :thumbup: :thumbup:

    ~Why Cause Imagine a Evo Drifting through This~

    ai18.photobucket.com_albums_b120_JDMUNIVERSECARS_shibuya109.jpg ai18.photobucket.com_albums_b120_JDMUNIVERSECARS_StarBucksUnderBuilding.jpg ai18.photobucket.com_albums_b120_JDMUNIVERSECARS_Across109Building.jpg ai18.photobucket.com_albums_b120_JDMUNIVERSECARS_DriftThrough.jpg

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