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What to Do

Discussion in 'Off Topic - Anything' started by JDM'er, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Jun 6, 2007
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    Right I'm kinda frying my Brain her about what I wanna do when I leave school.I really Dunno what I wanna do now the reason I'm thinking about it now is so I know how many points I need if I wanna go to college or learn a craft or whatever.BTW I'm doing my final year come September

    My interests would namly be

    Hanging out with mates Drinking etc

    usual 17 year old things

    If I go to college I would be looking at doing

    Mechinal Engineering
    Automotive Engeering
    Some Form of IT Course
    Some Form or Business Course (Which doesn't really interest me that much would only do one for a year or p/t)

    Trades or Crafts

    I would be looking at again

    Auto Electraician
    Veichle body repairs or sparying
    Stone Mason (would be dealing with old stone walls churchs house etc very specialist stuff)
    or a Joiner

    the other option is Miltary (Irish not American)

    What the Mammy says I should do if I don't think of something


    Now As you can see I like mechinacial stuff but I never done Enigneering or Metal work in school

    I'm looking for feedback about these courses if anybody did them or maybe tell me about your job it may be of interest to me

    Any feedback will be greatly apperticed

    (Irgore the bad spelling its 2 in the morning here)

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