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You might be an EP owner if...

Discussion in '01-05 Civic' started by panzer_ko, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. panzer_ko

    panzer_ko New Member

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    Oct 22, 2006
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    1-your stomach turns every time some one asks "is that a focus?"
    2-people ask "isnt it weird having the shifter there?"
    3-ephatch.com is your home page
    4-every time you pass another ep driver you both do "the school busdriver wave"
    5-you close your sunroof because it looks like rain then realize while its raining that the sunroof wasnt
    closed all the way
    6-know the infamous ricer fly by all to well
    7-your weekend is spent going to meets
    8-you have seen the threads from chromedoutsi(who was that tard)
    9-dont even bother reading the honda vs vw kill stories due to the flames
    10-code 14(greddy kit owners) need i say more
    11-thank god that the si is now a hatch again
    12-leave notes on somewhat modded looking eps about this site
    13-knew you were going to buy the car before you test drove it
    14-spent an hour looking for a feul return ,line
    15-you hate the o4 tail lights
    16-you spend all your extra money on mods
    17-dislike tom elliot for making this only have the k20a3 in it
    18-people have asked k20 k24 arent those nissan motors?
    19-you pop your hood and the first thing you hear is why is the motor backwards?
    20-you have to explain to bseries guys what ivtec is and how it works
    21- If "Drop that sucka!" is in your computers auto correct list for the letter D
    22- Your car has more ground clearance than your friends jeep
    23- You hear "It looks like a minivan" on a daily basis
    24- You have been asked if it is "One of those darned electric cars" (direct quote from the DOL woman who gave me the drive test)
    25- you grind second gear
    26- tranny probs
    27-If you have ever have said "its got the same motor as the RSX" only to later conceed that you didnt mean the Type-s Version (damn tom elliot)
    28- you wonder why we never got the ctr
    29-constintly look around for another ep in traffic
    30-wonder what the hell people are thinking when they are looking at your car
    31-the only reason you want GT4 to come out is so you can tell everyone you have a ctr and the mugen si
    32-while you are out driving, you daydream you are actually driving a ctr
    33-you hear how *cute* your car is from your ladyfriend's mom.
    34-you think an s2k start button would look just perfect where your hazard button is...
    35-you wish the redline were higher than 6800 but you can't bring yourself to drop $600 on hondata
    36-you have to repeatedly explain that Alcantara is a synthetic suede fabric.
    37-you have a red vinyl sticker on your steering wheel and key.
    38-you want a sixth gear.
    39-You type "Civic", "EP", "02-03", "02-04", "Si", "CTR", "CT- R" "Civic Type-R", "Type-R", "Mugen", "Honda UK", "Spoon", or "K20A" into the Google search box and get nothing but hits highlighted in purple because you've looked them all up at least 434,949,554 times.
    40-If you've ever refured to your car as an "Ep3" only to have the person your talking to say "I thought it was an Si?"
    41- you have people stare at you wondering what the fuck it is.
    42- you have members ask what taillights those are.
    43- friends call it a fucked up lookin jelly bean.
    44-constantly look outside to check if ur EP is still there and stare at it even tho u've owned it for over 2 years.
    45-not being able to see your speed from 40mph - 100mph cause the DAMN steering wheel is in the way
    46- People ask you where you get those seat only to tell them that they came stock and they go wow!
    47-constantly have people say that ur car looks like an egg
    48- you drove it for two months before you realized the extra storage compartment under the center cup holders
    49- shit a brick the first time the maintenance required light came on
    50-bought a type r kit only to realize it wont fit the usdm bumper
    51-had to buy parts for a base rsx cause autozone doesnt have your car in the system
    52-you buy every racing game with hope that it may have an ep in it
    53-your check engine light comes on cause you forgot the three clicks rule
    54-performance shops tell you the kseries doesnt have potential and you think "just wait foker you have no idea"
    55-you dont mind going back to iraq cause youll have extra $ for mods
    56-you hate hearing the phrase "yea but the old Si's were quicker"
    57-b-series owners scoff at your engine
    58-you know that when it comes down to it, your engine will outperform it
    59-you get dissapointed when you see old people driving another ep
    60-meets and track days are marked on your calendar and have more importance than some family member's birthdays
    61-if your replying to this thread.
    62-You wish you lived in japan
    63-Everyone wants your seats...
    64-Everyday wonder why THE "HELL WE GOT DIET I-VTEC"!
    65-Wonder why we have no sideskirts.
    65-If you want to buy an 04 and keep your 03 headlights/tails.
    66-you own toy EP cars
    67-you know damn well peking works his ass off in the newbie forum cleaning the mess of wrong posting that happens here
    68-wont by a car magazine unless there is an article or review in it about an si
  2. Daniel

    Daniel Active Member

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    Apr 26, 2006
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  3. panzer_ko

    panzer_ko New Member

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    Oct 22, 2006
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    Oh man Daniel, I was gonna order one from you! Now I don't know...You brought up the CT-R point, lol.
  4. DelSlowSI

    DelSlowSI New Member

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    Oct 6, 2006
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    that stuff is good......i like number 43!!! EP's are awesome tho...my buddy has one and i love them
  5. jdmb18ef

    jdmb18ef New Member

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    Sep 25, 2008
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    haha hella funny
  6. ONEateEessex

    ONEateEessex New Member

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    Jul 10, 2006
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    55 Hits the mark for me and if i didnt know better i would have thought i actualy own an ep3

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